Our Tips For Hosting Holiday Event In Pensacola

Our Tips For Hosting Holiday Event In Pensacola

With the weather cooling down, many people are already beginning to plan their holiday events here in Pensacola. Whether it is a special holiday brunch, a company holiday party, or a secret Santa gathering, it is important to have an event space in Pensacola that will make your holiday event shine. At O’Brien’s Bistro, our private dining space is perfect for hosting your holiday event. To make your event stand out this holiday season, here are some tips for hosting a holiday event in Pensacola that everyone will remember … for the right reasons!


Create A Fun Ambiance

When it comes to hosting your holiday event in Pensacola, ambiance is everything. Ambiance includes everything from the food, to the decor, to the music, and even the lighting. Our tip is to provide a twist on the classics. Instead of red and green table decor, opt for metallic or monochrome colors that still feel festive. When hosting your holiday event, music is key, so make sure to curate a playlist of music that will last throughout the full event, and is not too distracting to the flow of conversation.


Plan Activities But Allow For Spontaneity

There is nothing worse than an event where people are left to their own devices. This allows for awkward silences to fall over a group, or for guests to overstay their welcome. For your holiday event, try to plan a loose structure of how you want things to go, complete with a few things for your guests to do. Whether it be conversation prompts, gift sharing, or a moment to reflect on the year, having a few guiding moments can help you immensely when hosting your holiday event.


Bring Party Favors So Guests Leave With A Gift

When hosting your holiday event, it’s always best to leave your guests with something to remember the event by. Some good examples of simple party favors are a themed candle, hot chocolate bombs, bags of spices for mulled wine, and small stockings filled with goodies like skincare products and holiday soaps. These small party favors will make your holiday event one to remember for years to come.


Don’t Go Overboard

One of the best things about the holidays is the simplicity of the traditions associated with them. When hosting your holiday event, be sure not to go overboard and make it too complicated. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your guests with too many activities, too much food, and too many desserts to try. Keep in mind the size of your party, and know that, especially at O’Brien’s Bistro, you can always order more food and drink.


Make Sure The Food And Drink Is Accommodating For Everyone

One of the worst things you can do as a host is invite someone to an event where they can’t eat or drink anything. Be sure to include a place on your RSVP for your guests to let you know of any allergies or dietary restrictions, as well as some non-alcoholic beverage options for sober guests. Honoring those restrictions will go a long way for your guests, and make you look like a top-notch host. While not every dish or drink can be dietary friendly, be sure to include at least two options that are free of allergens or dietary restrictions, so your guest feels welcome and not like a nuisance or an afterthought.


If you are looking for a private dining room in Pensacola to host your holiday gathering, look no further than the private dining room at O’Brien’s Bistro. Our private dining room provides you with a perfect meeting spot to enjoy the season with friends and family. With space for up to 40 people, our private dining room is Pensacola’s premier place for hosting small events. Call today to reserve our private dining room for your holiday event.