10 Innovative Burger Ideas To Spice Up Your Summer

10 Innovative Burger Ideas To Spice Up Your Summer

There’s pretty much no better summer tradition than a good old-fashioned cookout. The weather is nice enough to fire up the grill and cook a fantastic, savory, smoky meal without ever turning on the stove. However, after years of the same old summer burgers, many people are getting tired of the classics. While a classic burger is unbeatable, this summer take the tip from O’Brien’s Bistro and try innovating this classic summer meal. Here at O’Brien’s, we are always looking for ways to take the freshest seasonal ingredients and innovate new and exciting dishes. Join us this summer for exciting and innovative fare, and then try your own hand with 10 innovative burger ideas to spice up your summer.


Go Vegan

With so much fresh produce this summer, try going meatless for a meal and use fresh exciting ingredients to craft your own veggie burger. Most veggie burgers use beans as a base, with fresh veggies and herbs as well as some binding ingredients like breadcrumbs. You could also grill portobello mushrooms to use as patties and top with vegan gouda and a rich balsamic glaze.


Take Inspiration From Japan

Some of the most innovative burgers on the market are in fast-food restaurants. The Japanese franchises of McDonald’s offer unique burgers. One burger offers a salmon cake with crispy rice buns. These buns can be made easily with sushi rice and are a great gluten-free option for those looking for an innovative burger.


Add Frozen Butter

Everyone loves a rich juicy burger, and one of the more innovative ways to add richness to a burger is to grate frozen butter right into the meat. During the cooking process, it will melt and create an extremely juicy and succulent burger.


Try A Unique Meat

One way to innovate the classic burger this summer is with unique meat. Many natural food stores offer a variety of unique ground meats like elk, venison, and even ostrich. While they may seem strange, these unique meats are often more humanely raised than standard beef cattle and make a unique and exciting burger.


Experiment With The Buns

Who says that a burger has to be on the same plain buns? Go bold this summer by experimenting with interesting bread to place your burger and toppings in. Some of our favorites are ciabatta buns, focaccia rounds, English muffins, sourdough rounds, and pretzel rolls.


Stuff Your Burger

Sometimes burger toppings can slide off, making a huge mess and ruining the experience. Innovate a solution this summer by stuffing your burger with unique toppings Simply make two thin patties, sandwich toppings in the middle, and seal the edges. You can stuff your burgers with unique fillings like fontina cheese, bacon, or a beautiful egg yolk.


Grill Your Mix-Ins

An innovative way to spice up plain burgers is to add exciting mix-ins like herbs and spices. We love to char these mix-ins on the grill before adding them, to double down on the grilled smoky taste. Some great grilled mix-ins include pineapple, jalapenos, cilantro, zucchini, and corn.


Breakfast For Dinner

There’s nothing better than spicing up dinner with breakfast food. This summer, make breakfast for dinner into a burger by using waffles as the buns, grilled sausage patties as the burgers, and topping with cheese, a fried egg, bacon, or any other savory breakfast treat.


Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Vacation Destination

Feel like you’re at an exotic vacation destination without leaving your backyard this summer with innovative burgers. Add dill and tzatziki to turkey burgers with whipped feta and grilled red onions to create an incredible Greek burger or add Jamaican jerk seasoning and curry powder to your burgers for an island burger you’ll love.


Who Says Coleslaw Is Only For Pulled Pork?

Coleslaw is one of the best toppings for a burger, and most people never even try it. It’s cold, crunchy, and creamy and you can dress it up however you want. Add sesame oil, vinegar, and honey for a sweet Asian-inspired slaw, or use a classic slaw dressing to add an innovative crunch to your next burger.


While innovating your own food is great, it’s so much more fun to let the experts at O’Brien’s Bistro serve you delicious and unique food you will love. Join us for happy hour, your next big event, or just a delicious meal any night of the week.